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Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

Still at the bar, Angela's gotten Katie a victim for what Angela calls "domination practise". Angela feels her friend needs to discover her true dominating self and wants to assist her in her discovery. Little Henry, a random guy who was stood up by his date, will serve just nicely.

In the second scene in this story, we meet Katie and Nathan again. Frustrated that she's always losing at the videogame Nathan challenged her to play, Katie takes the battle to the real world, and the big female bodybuilder and her small boyfriend have a pretend fight. The holds that the musclebound giantess keeps her boyfriend in, however, make her so horny that Katie gets a little carried away... You'll need to read what happens next...

107 pages

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