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The Flight - a text story

May 02, 2018

The Flight By James Stilton © 2018 "Ladies and gentlemen, we are now starting priority boarding for our gold and platinum members." I fished... Read More

My recommendations for comics

March 25, 2018

Often I get asked which of my comics I would recommend for new readers. Let me try to provide a useful answer to this question.... Read More

On young musclegirls and tiny older males, and mature musclewomen with small young men

February 24, 2018

I'm having a lot of fun making the "Bully"-series. The first chapter introduced the four characters: a daughter and her mom (both big) and a... Read More

Cybermonday sales!

November 26, 2017

It's not over yet! Cybermonday is Musclemonday! On Monday Nov 27 (EST), your order of 150 € will only cost half of that!  Use code... Read More