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Hot Summer - chapter 1

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On euros, dollars and prices

June 09, 2016

Today I changed the currency from dollars to euros. The reason is that I discovered that in addition to the commission paypal takes (it can... Read More

Female muscle growth: regular, magical or none

February 03, 2016

I know there's many fans of the growth genre. Fans have different reasons to like girls growing in muscle size (and height). Some of them... Read More

What about privacy and security?

January 08, 2016

I understand that many people have concerns about privacy and security on a site like this. Some people are afraid that others (family members...) will... Read More

Growing Muscles, part 7 is finally out!

December 21, 2015

You can find it here! Growing Muscles is my most popular story. Growth seems to be a popular topic, but maybe it's the fact that... Read More