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Katie is the epic story of a young girl discovering that she loves muscles, strength, and power. She experiences the antagonism of her dad, she finds love in the person of small Nathan, and friendship with fellow bodybuilding giantess Angela.

After the pizza night, Angela wants to see Tom again as soon as possible, so the female bodybuilder invites the other three to her house for a little swimming pool party. Angela asks Tom to cover her big back with sunblock, and later lifts him out of the water with her strong arms. Katie too has her fun, first throwing Nathan in the water, and later wrestling the two guys at the same time.

In the end, Angela convinces Katie to leave with Nathan while she makes Tom stay. She brings him to her bedroom and starts posing and flexing her big muscles.

Katie has been serialized on www.lhart.com, and is now being offered at Amazonias.net for the first time. It is my personal favorite story, and is still running. I will provide new chapters here regularly. This story progressed over many months (and is still progressing), together with my skills, so you will see that evolution reflected in the pictures, which get, I think, better and better...

PDF of 128 pages.

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