Questions about this site and my female muscle growth comics?

The answers should be here. If not, let me know at info@amazonias.net

What's this site about?
Amazonias offers female muscle comics, which are instantly delivered as a pdf by email. You can find both free and paid comics on the site. 

What makes your comics different?
I like to think about most of my comics as graphic novels. I offer more than just nice, stimulating action (though there's plenty of that as well!), and create good dialogue, interesting characters, plots and scenes. Especially the series have more depth than the usual thing you find on the web.

What about my privacy?
Believe me, I understand you want to be discrete about your passion. I am the same. That's why:

  • I'll never pass on your data to anyone else.
  • nothing is ever sent to your home; everything is digital (actually, you don't need to enter real home address details)
  • this website runs on Shopify, a secure state of the art, SSL encrypted e-commerce platform; payment is secured by Paypal. The site is 100% GDPR compliant
  • if you don't subscribe to the mailing list, you won't get emails (except order mails, cart reminders and a request to write a review). It is, however, a great idea to subscribe, as you'll get free comics! (subscribe here).
  • if there's ever a problem with your download, I get it sorted out as fast as possible.
  • you can ask me to erase any data on you anytime and I'll make sure it'll look like you were never here!

Why do you ask for my address when ordering?
I don't actually need your home address (fill out anything you want, but make the country match your own), it's just that the software doesn't allow me to remove those fields. The only thing I really need is a working email address, because you'll receive the download link there.

Can I try free samples?
Sure, there's more than thirty free products on this site. Just go to the free section.
If you want paid comics for free, take a look here to see if you can help me.

So many comics! I can't decide!
Take a look here to get you orientated.

How can I pay?
You can pay with Paypal. Paypal is safe and easy, and available in most countries. If you don't have either, contact me and we see if we can find another way.

How do my stories arrive?
You'll get a download link by email. Nothing is ever sent to your home (of course not!).

What if I can't download or open my products?
In case you placed an order and something didn't quite work, or if you have questions about payment or whatever, let me know at info@amazonias.net. Please let me know CLEARLY and SPECIFICALLY what the issue is, and I'll help you as soon as I can! (I'm in Europe, so there might be a time difference).

I have a coupon (discount code). How can I use it?
Enter it in the coupon field on checkout.

What's the refund policy?
If you have bought a comic twice, by accident, I'll happily refund you. In other cases, refunds are possible if you have not downloaded the item(s) after ordering (I can check if you did or not). Given that my comics are digital, I don't offer refunds for the sole reason that you didn't like the product. I think that's fair.

What's in your newsletter?
Here's an example newsletter.

Where can I find more of your work?
All my work is on this site but you can check out my deviantart page for regular new pics, or you can befriend me on Facebook.

How can I contact you?
You can write to info@amazonias.net.

Do you do work on commission?
Yes. You can read about my prices and conditions here. Or contact me at info@amazonias.net.

What software do you use?
DAZ studio

What about copyright of these stories and pictures?
The stories are copyrighted and for your own use only. Publication or further distribution without the author's permission is forbidden. Please support me by not publishing or distributing my work. It takes a lot of time to make these stories, and this is my only income.

Who are you?
You can find more about me here


All characters are at least 18 years old when they engage in adult acts.