Let's work together

big musclegirl and small guy


Wanna help the amazons and me, spreading them around the globe?

Maybe there are ways we can work together, and I can reward you, either with money or in the form of free comics.

Here's what I'm looking for:

- People who want to advertise my female muscle comics

on places where I don't yet. I'm thinking of forums, Facebook groups, other communities... especially in languages that I don't master, or countries that I myself don't easily have access to (like China, Japan, and others).

- People who can help me with SEO
My shop could still do better of showing up in Google results. Are you knowledgeable about SEO?

- People who can make videos
Maybe you can make nice, swinging, short youtube videos advertising my comics?

- People who can create comics that I sell on this site
I publish comics made by other people. You get a fixed fee per page.

If any of this is you, you can get in touch through info@amazonias.net. Only serious applicants with the necessary skills, please.


What I am NOT particularly looking for:
- writers or people with story ideas. You're welcome to send them, and I'll take a look, but I have so much ideas for muscular women comics that I don't really need ideas from others. I'll be happy if I can draw out all my ideas in my lifetime.