About me

Just in case you want to know something more about the author of these stories... I guess we should have at least a few things in common...

Basically, I'm a guy in his mid forties, with a particular fantasy.

Early fascination with strong women
How old were you when you discovered strong girls or women? I think I must have been six. I can remember several "confrontations" with female power or size that stayed with me. I think one of the first ones was a picture in a book where someone was throwing a little man. The someone might have been a man, but that didn't matter: the person looked female to me and that excited me. 

A lift and carry memory
At another moment, when I definitely was six (I remember the grade I was in), I was cradle carried by a girl my age and it was wonderful. Later, there were countless playfights with female friends, in which I loved to lose. I also always enjoyed being shorter than girls (I'm 5 feet 6 now).

Hooked on female muscle
Later still, I saw the first female bodybuilder in a magazine, and then on TV and since then I was hooked on female muscle. I bought bodybuilding magazines now and then and cut out the girls and collected them. Then came the internet and all was lost. And then the next step was the discovery of DAZ Studio, in which I do all my work.

Living with the female muscle fetish
It's been a struggle at times. I've often wondered why I'm different, what it means, where it came from. I think now, at age 45, I have finally more or less accepted this fetish, accepting that it is a part of me, and that it's not harmful. Today I can finally talk about it with friends, while being only a little bit embarrassed. Because for a man to admit he likes to be dominated by women... well, that's still seen as very weird. We have to be the big, protecting, macho guys, or at least, that's our traditional role. It's a role I am not comfortable with. Not because I'm a pussy, just because... it doesn't seem to suit me. It never did.

Making a job out of my passion for female muscle
Anyway, I hope that with the expression of my fantasies in stories, I can provide you with some enjoyment. Drawing these stories is fun, though it's a lot of work. It's a process of conceiving the story, setting up the characters and environments, drawing dozens of panels, retouching them, adding text, and packaging them into a complete pdf, including a cover slide, and putting them online, hoping that enough people will buy it to make it worth it.

Want to get in touch? jstilton2000 at gmail dot com.