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Mark works in the IT department of a company called Amazona, but has worked from home during the pandemic and is only now seeing his colleagues for the first time, in the flesh.

Imagine his surprise when all the women - who looked like normal women in the endless Zoom calls - turn out to be very fit and sexy giantesses who love to cuddle and play with their tiny male collagues!

When Mark gets some vague warning about how working with these huge women has its drawbacks, he quickly forgets about it and gets back to work - whether it be with his demanding boss Andrea or the even taller project manager Megan.

Coding, debugging and analyzing, Mark is under a lot of pressure to perform. His female colleagues and superiors being very dominant and very seductive, he knows that both the punishment for failure as the reward for succes can be equally big...

This comic features some reaaally tall, sexy and luscious amazons (who are fit but not bodybuilder level), lots of lifts, lapsitting, comparisons, NSFW scenes, and much more. The amazons are dominant without being overly mean.

111 pages

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