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In part 9 of this series, a jealous Mey showed Jack another side of her. She manifested a dominant side, and Jack was actually fearing for a brief moment. 

This episode happens right after that. Noticing that Jack has been very quiet of late, the gigantic Lynn takes him to the roof in the morning and they have a heart-to-heart. 

Turns out that living with two gigantic musclegirls isn't easy for Jack - the female bodybuilders both realize that. Jack has grown up in a traditional way, in a normal society, with typical male ideas and dreams. The girls have taken that into account... so far. 

But there's something else that's bother Jack. Does he really know what he want from the two musclegoddesses?

This episode features incredible comparisons (Lynn is so amazingly huge!), lift and carry, romance, a NSFW scene involving... boobs and boob smothering, lapsitting, gentle domination, and more...


108 pages

(c) Amazonias 2023

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