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Having gone through her first growth spurt (or stheno'ing, as it is called in the Amazon Dimension), the muscular, horny Ella abuses Zane. She facesits him, picks him up and forces him to get down on her. And then she takes him to the basement...

The next day, we are witness to Cindy and her hugely muscular mom - with Zane accompanying them - buying a slave from the incredible Bruuna. She's a hot musclebound slave trader who has procured little Reggie for Cindy.

Reggie is scared to death, knowing he's minutes away from becoming Cindy's property. And Cindy is clearly not going to be the gentlest of mistressess.

Zane watches on in stunned amazement as Cindy tries out Reggie and Bruuna is worshipped by her own slave, until Cindy says something that makes his heart stop...

This fantastic chapter of this awesome female muscle comic series contains lifting and carrying, non-consensual facesitting, domination, humiliation and intimidation, forced kissing, wrestling, comparisons, flexing, lapsitting, muscle worship and so much more!  

108 pages

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