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I think you can imagine that producing these comics (I do both the scenario and the artwork, as well as the site and the "marketing") is a lot of work. I can only produce a few stories or chapters per month. Still, I want to give amazon fans a regular supply of amazon muscle action. So I thought it's a good idea to start offering work by other artists too. By opening my shop to other artists I may also, as an added benefit, give them a chance to make some money, which as you can imagine is not necessarily easy within this small niche of afficionados.

The first paid story by someone else is Michelle's Passage, by Rainbowscriber. The content is different from my own work. There is no domination/humiliation or growth in this story. It is both an adventure and a romantic tale about the future of the human race. Actually, it's an entire illustrated novel. The illustrations are top quality renders, so I think this product is good value for money (at least if you don't require domination and can appreciate also a good story and prose, next to awesome pictures). 

Here's some more info on Michelle's Passage

When the beautiful blonde muscle girl knocked on his studio door, Martin was catapulted into an adventure that he could never have dreamt of in his wildest fantasies. But Michelle was just such a girl, one that made fantasies come true…

Devastatingly beautiful, sensual, feminine, and built like an Olympian goddess, she reveals her life-story to this ordinary guy who opens up his ears and his heart for her.

Michelle’s Passage is a journey through the life and mind of a muscular girl with a very deep secret and a tragic past, a journey through hardship, struggle, sexual discovery and the search for happiness, love and freedom.

Michelle's passage is produced by guest artist Rainbowscriber,

PDF, 309 pages
More than a 100 illustrations


Some comments on Deviant Art:

"ABS---SO---LUTE---LY    BREATH-TAKING..... .....Can't wait to see Chapter 10 and the enhanced drawings.....WOW!      Thank you, Michelle! "

"Outstanding work! This really shows your creativity and skill in physique artistry! Very well done! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest."

"Rainbowsciber, I just love your Michelle's passage novel story arc of yours and enjoy each and every chapter of it so far. You're indeed one of my most favorite artists on DEV WATCH! Keep up the great work and Godspeed all the way!"

"I'm on the Edge of my Chair, Michelle!   Michelle in the story is starting to look Really Amazing.....[as if she wasn't Already!].....the artwork is Enticing  .....What a Sexy Girl, she is!!   Thank you for the update!!"

"What an epic read! I started and kept going and going. Thank you too!!"

"I read a while ago till about chapter 7 and then went on a binge reading round last night and caught up to this point. It all started with "lemme just read one chapter...." followed by me being glued in place through the rest that followed heh"

"I can't wait to read the next Chapter where she is reunited with her Sister!!!!"

"Thanks for such a great story!!!.....Sad that we won't be seeing Michelle and Martin any more  [unless you have further ideas?]  At any rate, I like most all the work you do, and I'm sure that you will keep all us readers/fans excited for some time to come!!!" 

"Oh this is incredible!  I love to see her big arm around the skinny bitch!"

"At first, I had only looked at your drawings and not the story[a lot of artists have great art but the stories lack depth]   so I didn't give yours much attention.....THEN, after reading thru your philosophy, blog and website, I decided a closer look was necessary.........and to my amazement I read the beginning where Martin is lying in bed with our heroine, musing over her beauty and how his thoughts of being in the presence of a Goddess.........WOW....I practically read the 8 chapters in ONE SITTING!!!    I love your narrative style from Martin's point of view.....I immediately identified with his love of the female form and falling for the person inside, as I said before, I couldn't put aside my reading and Had to find out what happened next............Michelle, I am anticipating the next chapters "with bated breath" and, of course, the accompanying artwork.............Oh, and BTW, checked out your photos..........I'm sure which ones are you, and you are a HOTTIE!!!           THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!!!!"

"I'm hangin' on for dear life, I'm SOOOO anxious to see if Michelle "develops"  like Martin has lead us to believe!"

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Mark is boxing late one night, in an otherwise empty gym. Or so he thought, because suddenly, there is someone behind him: a big, tall, beautiful young girl. She wants to make friends, and is rather direct. Mark thinks about his wife and tries to push her away... Hot, big female muscle, strength and beauty, as usual in this amazon story.

Chapter 5 of House of Calves if finally out!

Marianne goes on taunting senator Evans in her hotel room, after which they say goodbey. Marianne has a good moment by herself, thinking of her little senator slave and how big her huge bulging bodybuilder body is compared to his. After receiving a mail from the senator, however, Marianne starts to have doubts. Detective Lipinski agrees to meet her, but doesn't want to give in to her demands... and has to bear the consequences.
Explosive hot female muscle and domination action.

The next chapter will be the concluding one.
Hi there,

In april, I had my yearly vacation. I was travelling and didn't have my computer with me, so I didn't create any new work. I did upload a new story (in two parts) though, called The Sub - see chapter one and chapter 2. Quite hot stories, even if i say so myself.

I also published another Best of - compilation, this time about overhead lifts.

Presently I'm working on Katie. I'll also soon write a new chapter of House of Calves, which i think is my best plotted story.

Cu soon!

We're one year old! One year of drawing and offering amazon stories with big muscular, dominant women and their tiny male counterparts. It's been fun and enriching to do, and I hope you had fun reading my stories. In the meantime, there's more than forty products availble on this store, and I have ideas for many more to come. I have, I think, improved the quality of the pictures, also thanks to a new computer which I was able to by with sales profits. 

If you have feedback, let me know. Writing these comics is a lonely job and I welcome it!

By the way, especially for this anniversary, here are some coupons you can use:

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The "Best of" series is another way to enjoy my illustrations. Each "Best of" collection will feature twenty to thirty pics which all have the same topic. The pics are taken from different stories. I left the original text in most cases. You will not be able to see (if you don't know the story) what story a pic is from, but if you want to know, just write me and mention the collection and the page and I'll tell you.

Please let me know which collections you would like to see!

Enjoy the "Best of" series!



Earning Flexes

January 31, 2015


Hi there,

from now on, if you create an account on this site, you don't just save time, but you'll also save money. Having an account allows you to gather Flexes: you get one "Flex" for every dollar you spend. When you have collected 100 Flexes, you'll get a 5$ coupon that you can spend on anything in the store :-)

And just for signing up, you'll get 20 Flexes!

Thanks for reading my comics!


Where to start?

January 28, 2015


Suppose you like my free stories and you want to get a paid one: what would I recommend?

That depends on your tastes etc :-)

You can check out the stories by topic page to see which stories contain the themes or topics that you feel attracted to.

If you are particularly looking for a good dollar-per-picture ratio, check out the big stories: Amber and Julian, Another Lesson for Mr. McMillan, Revenge, The Bodybuilderguards...

If you, like many people, love growth stories, especially check out the stories Growing Muscles (rapid muscle growth) and Revenge (natural muscle growth).


On storytelling

January 12, 2015


Maybe you have noticed that my comics are more elaborate than most comics or illustrated stories in this "genre". Most of the stories I encounter are pretty much wham-bam straight to the point, focusing on the action (being fighting, wrestling, posing, lifting, domination, humiliation...). In most cases, there is hardly any plot. I have some stories like that (for the ones who are interested in that type: the Emma series; Marjorie: selfies with Julian; chapter 3 of Growing Muscles; Big Babes... are examples), but most of my comics are different. They contain a bit more plot, a bit more dialogue, a bit more character development.

I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, I'm just saying it's more my thing. I like it much more when muscles are only shown gradually and not right away. I like it when a relationship of domination between a woman and a man develops slowly, so that, when things happen, we understand what the characters are going through better. I like it when there's a plot also, where you wonder what will happen in the future. I like to create characters that you care about, and characters that are not entirely black and white (my favorite type is not the cruel nor the gentle type, but the unpredictable type that can switch from cruel to gentle and back in a couple of minutes).

Some of my favorite characters are Julian and Marjorie in Amber and Julian, Katie and Nathan (in the story Katie's Tale, currently on, and I think Marianne and Mike will also develop into interesting characters in House of Calves (which I think is my best plotted story so far).

Anyway, I welcome your feedback. What do you like?