Female muscle growth: regular, magical or none

I know there's many fans of the growth genre. Fans have different reasons to like girls growing in muscle size (and height). Some of them like the contrast with how it was before. Others like the role reversal element: once a girl grows muscles, she can start bossing around her boyfriend (or anyone around her).

The main difference in tastes among growth fans, however, seems to concern the rate of growth. Either growth is very gradual, or it is very sudden. When it's gradual, it is the result of natural means: hard work with the weights. When it's sudden, the cause is unnatural: it can be a magic potion or a some kind of growth formula.

My personal preference for stories is always realism (even though arguably none of my stories is entirely realistic, as my girls are a bit bigger and stronger than realistically possible I guess). Therefore I prefer slow growth. Stories that include slow growth are especially Katie, Revenge and Amber and Julian (in the latter it is especially Marjorie's growth that we witness). Sudden (magical) growth stories are the Growing Muscles Series (seven episodes at this moment) and the newly released Girls that Grow. In the rest of my stories, the girl comes in big and stays big.

Let me know your preference...

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Hunter S. Creek
Hunter S. Creek

May 19, 2016

I enjoy a good female growth story.
My preference is when the prime female character starts out as sweet, cute, short, scrawny, and un- or under-developed and then slowly grows to become a tall, leggy, busty, muscular babe.
The impetus for her growth can add dimension to the story: especially when it inevitably alters some of the character’s interactions. Some of the more fun examples would be: (1) a nerdy friend who wants to “help” her become more attractive but miscalculates the dose/spell. (2) a nerd who tries to help himself grow but the girl accidentally reaps the benefits of the machine/spell/formula. (3) a girl who wants to attract a guy and miscalculates the dose/spell. (4) a pure accident such as the girl’s exposure to a meteor or chemical spill or hit on the head, etc.
A fun variation that we do not see much is the case of the girl who grows for whatever reason but the effect is temporary but repeated: either purposeful = “Jekyll and Hyde”-like or accidentally and out of her control. This cyclical growth scenario would not be very slow and could lead to humorous and compromising situations for the girl.


April 25, 2016

Always preferred slow growth myself. The thing that I admire most about women who lift and FBBs is the work ethic and dedication that goes into that body. Every one of us who enjoy lifting don’t just do it because it makes us big, but it also reveals an aspect of our personality that usually garners respect. So I don’t just love their bodies, I also respect their commitment.


March 12, 2016

The Girls that Grow story has to much potential and is an awesome twist on the genre. The ‘bad guy’ wins (and gets to do whatever they want as they have all the power/muscle). Please focus more on this story as you seem to be releasing a new “Part One” to other stories ever other week.

Schlegel Martin
Schlegel Martin

February 21, 2016

Man could also be because male smaller and weaker. It becomes smaller, woman bigger and stronger over a longer period.

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