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Growing Muscles is my most popular story. Growth seems to be a popular topic, but maybe it's the fact that both Catherine and Jessica are really hot girls, confident with their newfound strength and size. Their husbands were bullies, but in a classic turnaround are now obedient little boys, answering the call of their bodybuilder girlfriends.

In the seventh part of this series, the foursome go on a weekend trip to a wellness hotel - a perk for Ron's team at work, but claimed for herself by Catherine.
This story has everything you like: really huge, muscular woman. Feminine beauty. Some serious domination by Jessica. And - I listened to my readers - many comparison shots.
I'm sure you're going to enjoy Growing Muscles 7!

PDF of 120 pages

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The first "Taste of Amazonias contained pictures from the stories published at that time (already more than a year ago). In the meantime I have published many other stories, of which I include three or for consecutive pictures in this pdf. It gives you the chance to get a taste of these stories.

I hope you enjoy!


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November 30, 2015


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After five chapters, I have spun a preliminary end to Farm Girl Muscle. You can find the last chapter here: from the final chapter of Farm Girl Muscle:
(and find free previews on my deviantart profile here). Maybe some of you have noticed that even when i close a series, i always leave the door open to a sequel. I imagine it's like writing for a tv-series: you are never sure it will be canceled or go on, so you have to be able to go either way.
In any case, I enjoyed the ride with big strong muscular Emily, who is one of my favorite heroines. I like her face and the glow of her skin. I also like her character, and the development of it within the story, going from a shy musclegirl to a much more self assured woman, discovering her own sexuality and getting incredibly turned on by dominating little Robert.
I hope you enjoyed reading the story as much as I enjoyed creating it :-)

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The destroyer!

November 05, 2015

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And here's another story about your favorite topic: the confrontation between a tall muscular woman and a wimpy girl. This time, the girl is rather agressive - I had to calm her down otherwise she would have ripped the poor man apart :)
The story was commissioned (if you want to commission your own story, let me know). I loved the idea of the boyfriend watching how his girlfriend destroys another wimpy male, enjoying his good fortune that his girlfriend is prepared to take out her aggression on other people instead of on him.
I have used the setting before in The Boxer, but I hope you don't mind seeing it again. I like it as an arena where the girl really punishes the man.
The girl may remind you of Marianne in House of Calves - she was based on her.


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October 15, 2015


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October 15, 2015


As you can see, I drastically changed my site. I hope you like it (let me know what you think). In the new version, tags are more accessible (and I'm reviewing all the tags in all the stories, so you can easier find what you want). I also like the crisp, smooth layout, and the big banner pictures on the frontpage.

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August 20, 2015


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I just published the girl next door.

Jasmin, the junior olympic weighlifting champion and meets Stephen's father, who wants his son to come home to finish his work for school. Jasmin doesn't like this interruption and taunts the man untill he enters her backyard. She soon starts to dominate and humiliate him, lifting him in different positions. Then she decides to quiz him, the way he quizzes his son.

A wonderful backyard neighborhood setting, great renders, a tall, sexy young musclegirl... All the ingredients for another tintillating story from Amazonias...

The story turned out longer than I expected, but I'm very happy with the result. Jasmin is I think very sexy, I love her veins, and I also love the lighting in this story. Jasmin acts somewhat like a protector of Stephen, by punishing his father.