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January 28, 2015


Suppose you like my free stories and you want to get a paid one: what would I recommend?

That depends on your tastes etc :-)

You can check out the stories by topic page to see which stories contain the themes or topics that you feel attracted to.

If you are particularly looking for a good dollar-per-picture ratio, check out the big stories: Amber and Julian, Another Lesson for Mr. McMillan, Revenge, The Bodybuilderguards...

If you, like many people, love growth stories, especially check out the stories Growing Muscles (rapid muscle growth) and Revenge (natural muscle growth).


On storytelling

January 12, 2015


Maybe you have noticed that my comics are more elaborate than most comics or illustrated stories in this "genre". Most of the stories I encounter are pretty much wham-bam straight to the point, focusing on the action (being fighting, wrestling, posing, lifting, domination, humiliation...). In most cases, there is hardly any plot. I have some stories like that (for the ones who are interested in that type: the Emma series; Marjorie: selfies with Julian; chapter 3 of Growing Muscles; Big Babes... are examples), but most of my comics are different. They contain a bit more plot, a bit more dialogue, a bit more character development.

I'm not saying that's a good or a bad thing, I'm just saying it's more my thing. I like it much more when muscles are only shown gradually and not right away. I like it when a relationship of domination between a woman and a man develops slowly, so that, when things happen, we understand what the characters are going through better. I like it when there's a plot also, where you wonder what will happen in the future. I like to create characters that you care about, and characters that are not entirely black and white (my favorite type is not the cruel nor the gentle type, but the unpredictable type that can switch from cruel to gentle and back in a couple of minutes).

Some of my favorite characters are Julian and Marjorie in Amber and Julian, Katie and Nathan (in the story Katie's Tale, currently on lhart.com), and I think Marianne and Mike will also develop into interesting characters in House of Calves (which I think is my best plotted story so far).

Anyway, I welcome your feedback. What do you like? 


Newsletter goodies!

January 03, 2015


I send out a newsletter every two or three weeks, often with free stuff, a bonus or discount. So it's a good idea to be on it. It's a discrete newsletter, and I will never give away your email address. Promise!

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See you there!

Something about me

December 16, 2014


Just in case you want to know something more about the author of these stories... I guess we should have at least a few things in common...

How old were you when you discovered strong girls or women? I think I must have been six. I can remember several "confrontations" with female power or size that stayed with me. I think one of the first ones was a picture in a book where someone was throwing a little man. The someone might have been a man, but that didn't matter: the person looked female to me and that excited me. At another moment, when I definitely was six (I remember the grade I was in), I was cradle carried by a girl my age and it was wonderful. Later, there were countless playfights with female friends, in which I loved to lose. I also always enjoyed being shorter than girls. Later still, I saw the first female bodybuilder in a magazine, and then on TV and I was kinda hooked. I bought bodybuilding magazines now and then and cut out the girls and collected them. Then came the internet and all was lost. And then the next step was the discovery of DAZ Studio, in which I do all my work.

It's been a struggle at times. I've often wondered why I'm different, what it means, where it came from. I think now, at age 41, I have finally more or less accepted this fetish, accepting that it is a part of me, and that it's not harmful. Today I can finally talk about it with friends, while being only a little bit embarrassed. Because for a man to admit he likes to be dominated by women... it's not what is expected of men, you know. We have to be the big, protecting, macho guys, or at least, that's our traditional role. It's a role I find not comfortable. Not because I'm a pussy, just because... it doesn't seem to suit me.

Anyway, I hope that with the expression of my fantasies in stories, I can provide you with some enjoyment. 



Free story!

December 08, 2014


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I will be sending out a new free story in the December 15 newsletter. Subscribe now (orange button below) to make sure you don't miss it!

The Amazonias newsletter always contains great stuff: free goodies, coupons, promotions, news... You can always unsubscribe, and we'll never give your address to someone else! We want to keep our weird preferences private, and we know you do too! :-)

I'm curious to know what you think about the prices of my stories. Setting the price is a delicate thing. Of course, the more people that buy the story, the easier I can gain back the time I invested in the story and the lower the price can be. 

The price I ask for a story depends most of all on the number of pictures (though long stories that have been published or have been available for free earlier, can have relatively low prices), but also on other factors. Basically the price has to reflect the time I invested in the story. That time is also determined by the number of characters in the story, how many different settings (backgrounds) there are, how good the renders are (good renders with good lighting can take up to forty minutes per picture), etc.

To give you an idea, a good story may sell like sixty times or so. Say that story costs 9$, than I make 540$ from that story. Say it is seventy pictures, then I make 7$ per picture. I can make about 5 pictures an hour, which means that i would make 35$ an hour. From all of this you have to subtract the cost of the site and financial costs (together about 10 %), taxes and especially the costs for buying all the 3D models. A simple dress or a pair of shoes or hair can cost as much as 15$ a piece. 

So you understand that it's not that obvious to make a lot of money selling these stories. I therefore hope that no one who buys the stories will post them somewhere on a forum for free for others, fun as that may seem (I'll write something about that later).

I welcome feedback on my prices. 


Thanks for buying my stories!

I added the first chapter of The Bodybuilderguards as a free story. It's brief, but it allows you to see if you would like to get the whole 180-picture story. 

It's an older story, from when I was still less skilled than today, so it contains some poke-through mistakes (lately I've been touching them up in postwork, and I guess I could do that for this story too, but I haven't gotten to it yet).

In any case, this is actually one of my favorite fantasies. I hope you enjoy it too.

Results of the survey

September 29, 2014

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Hi all,

In september 2014 I conducted a brief survey among amazon women enthousiasts (fans tall/big/muscular/dominating women stories). I put the survey together in Google forms, posted it on several relevant websites, and got about 160 results. Here they are. (note, when the absolute numbers don't add up to more or less 160, that's because some questions were added later and thus received fewer responses).
Thank you for participating (if you want to fill out the form, you can do that still: here it is). The five winners of the 15$ coupon for my store have been notified by email.

About your tastes

woman is tall [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 17 11%
rather unimportant 7 4%
neutral 18 11%
important 31 20%
very important to me 79 50%

woman is strong [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 15 10%
rather unimportant 2 1%
neutral 7 4%
important 36 23%
very important to me 94 60%

woman is muscular [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 19 12%
rather unimportant 10 6%
neutral 12 8%
important 31 20%
very important to me 80 51%

woman has fighting skills [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 31 20%
rather unimportant 35 22%
neutral 43 27%
important 21 13%
very important to me 18 11%

woman is dominant [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 20 13%
rather unimportant 10 6%
neutral 29 18%
important 36 23%
very important to me 56 36%

woman grows [When I read a story, the following is important to me]

very unimportant to me 42 27%
rather unimportant 17 11%
neutral 36 23%
important 23 15%
very important to me 32 20%

I want the women to be

naturally muscled (fitness type at most) 33 21%
average bodybuilder type (think your average female bodybuilder) 26 17%
big bodybuilder type (think the biggest female bodybuilder) 21 13%
a bit bigger than the biggest bodybuilder 39 25%
humongous (entirely unrealistic) 13 8%

I like the males to be

A lot smaller than the women 85 54%
A bit smaller than the women 52 33%
The same size as the women 15 10%
Taller than the women 5 3%

The ideal height of a woman in stories for me

Up to 6 feet (-183 cm) 24 15%
6-7 feet (183 - 213 cm) 82 52%
7-10 feet (213 - 304 cm) 42 27%
over 10 feet (304+ cm) 9 6%

I like the female

younger than the male (e.g. student - teacher) 70 45%
about the same age 69 44%
older than the male (e.g teacher - student) 18 11%

I like my story-amazons

mostly gentle 66 42%
mostly cruel 23 15%
super cruel 16 10%
unpredictable: gentle + cruel 52 33%

What are your favorite wrestling hold in a story?

Head/neck/body scissors 5 3%
Bearhugs/lifts 27 17%
Backbreakers (on ground or overhead) 5 3%
headlocks/chokeholds 2 1%
face sitting/smothering (with chest or rump) 11 7%
Pins & victory poses 4 3%

Sex and sexual acts [In stories I like...]

Not at all 5 3%
Not really 6 4%
Neutral 29 18%
Quite like it 45 29%
Like a lot 72 46%

Upper body nudity [In stories I like...]

Not at all 3 2%
Not really 6 4%
Neutral 22 14%
Quite like it 54 34%
Like a lot 72 46%

Lower body nudity [In stories I like...]

Not at all 9 6%
Not really 13 8%
Neutral 36 23%
Quite like it 51 32%
Like a lot 48 31%

Concerning growth stories

Growth (seeing the evolution in muscles) is totally not important to me 46 29%
I like to see growth when it's slow and natural (because of working out) 53 34%
I like rapid growth stories (through scanners, magical potions, pills...) 28 18%

Girl on girl action:

Don't like it 49 31%
Now and then it's ok 85 54%
The more the better! 23 15%

I like the stories to develop

Fast: straight to the action please! 53 34%
Slow: take time for background setting, psychological and character development 104 66%

I like the feats of strength (lifting, fighting, throwing...) to be

realistic: show me only what a real strong woman could do in real life 98 62%
unrealistic: make them supernaturally strong (lifting cars above their hea

Fill out the survey!

September 24, 2014

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I made a brief survey to get more information on amazon lovers' interests and preferences. Please fill it in. You can find it right here.

I'm randomly distrubuting five 15$ coupons among respondents!

New Facebook page

September 23, 2014


Join me here on my new Facebook page, where I will post new pics regularly.