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What about privacy and security?

January 08, 2016

I understand that many people have concerns about privacy and security on a site like this. Some people are afraid that others (family members...) will find out about their desires. Others are afraid that they won't get their product, or that they'll get spam in their mailbox, etc.

Let me assure you of some things.

First of all, I understand you want to be discrete about this passion of yours. It's not reallly something we want other to find out about. So that's why I'm committed to protect your privacy as best as I can:

  • I'll never pass on your data to anyone else.
  • nothing is ever sent to your home; everything is digital (actually, you don't need to enter real home address details)
  • if you don't subscribe to the mailing list, you won't get emails (except order confirmation mails, abandoned cart reminders and a request to write a review). Do keep in mind that being on the mailing list is very interesting though.
  • this website runs on Shopify, a secure state of the art, SSL encrypted e-commerce platform; payment is secured by Paypal.
  • Your paypal or credit card statement will mention Ilustre as the company. Nothing else.
  • if there's ever a problem with your download, I get it sorted out as fast as possible.

In other words: I want you to enjoy these stories and I'm giving you a safe and discrete experience.

Any questions? Let me know at jstilton2000 at gmail dot com.

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