Musclegirls: between the realistic and the fantastic

I usually draw what excites me, and what excites me is stuff that actually can happen and girls that actually could exist. I don't like superhuman strength (lifting cars, lifting a guy with one finger), enhanced photos of cute girls with unreal biceps. The idea that these things can't happen or don't exist, is a turn off or me.

Now you may say: wait a minute, the girls in your comics don't exist either! No woman looks like that. That's true and not true. It's certainly true that my women are ideals. You will be hard put to find a wonderfully cute, 6 feet five (or taller), ubermuscular, big-breasted and very strong woman in the real world, like the ones that populate Amazonias. However, each of their characteristics (how pretty, strong, tall, muscular, heavy...) they are is realistic in itself. It's mainly the combination that is not very realistic. But so in theory, these women could exist.

Sometimes my girls look really really tall - unrealistically so. But you have to remember two things: 1. there are women out there of 7 feet tall (they are just very rare; and of course usually they don't have muscles).  And 2. the guys they are with are really really small (sometimes like just 5 feet one or something). So the contrast that you see is not unrealistic.

Look at Gillian and Robbie here for instance (from the Hot Summer series):

Tall Gillian and short Robbie
I imagine Gillian to be almost seven feet tall, while Robbie is a bit over five feet. And Gillian is in heels. Maybe these are not entirely the right measurements for these proportions (maybe Robbie should be a bit smaller than over five feet), but I think it's close enough. In any case, the contrast between the girls and the boys that you find in my comics does, more or less, exist. Just make the boys tiny enough and the girls big enough. See for instance this pic:

So the bottom line is: even though the situations and people in my comics may not exist or are extremely rare, they could exist in theory. And that's what excites me :)

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June 14, 2017

Wow ! James expressed his mind and choices fantastically ! My dream women are EXACTLY like the girls depicted in James’ stories ! Previously, I used to think that perhaps I am an abstract individual to have such preferences on girls ! Although I have all along been fascinated and sensually attracted towards tall, strong, well-endowed. muscular, athletic girls (whom we can frequently see in sports, games, adventure movies, etc.) since my boyhood days (when I was just blooming into my adolescence), I was pleasantly surprised when I first got exposed to James’ art, way back in 2013, to find that his preferences towards an amazonian girl resembles my preferences to such a high extent ! It was hard to believe that two persons, perhaps living hundreds of miles apart, can have such wonderfully similar liking ! So, for me, it was like “love at first sight” ….. and since then, I have been hooked to his creations ! I prefer the girls exactly like those he depicts in his stories …. stunning, charming, tall, opulently muscular yet shapely, well-built, supple and athletic …. and of course, powerfully strong ! So strong that they can tease and play at will with their mates ! Yet, their bodies are so smooth and graceful, befitting a lady …. not too much cut or rough ! And their faces are so cute and exquisite, with sharp features and long hair …… which enhance their erotic charm manifold ! Coupled with their extraordinary physical assets, the girls in his stories have a romantic and caring disposition. With their fearsome strength and build, they can tease, humiliate, manipulate and dominate their partners at will, yet carry a certain level of love and softness in their hearts for the utterly outclassed and defeated males ! Sometimes they are emotionally and erotically drawn to their mates …. sometimes full of taunt and tease and sneer, boastfully humiliating and ridiculing the inferior males …. but, never there is explicit blood and gore ! His stories are, therefore, highly believable, bordering on reality ….. as if, they are just theoretically possible …. just eluding us owing to our sheer bad luck ! ! As he nicely said … all the female traits of his girls are individually possible, only their combination is a theoretical one :) And, about the unmistakable superiority of his females ….. well, aren’t we seeing more and more women controlling our lives, at home and outside, as years are rolling by :)

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