On euros, dollars and prices

June 09, 2016 3 Comments

Today I changed the currency from dollars to euros.

The reason is that I discovered that in addition to the commission paypal takes (it can be up to 7% or so per sale), they also charge me when I move money from my paypal account to my bank account and there's a currency conversion involved. This so called "currency conversion fee" is actually an extra 3.5 %

Now that I'm writing about money, let me explain what I keep from my stories.
Suppose my sales for a month are 5000$

First of all, part of this will be taxes (those among you living in Europe are charged taxes (between 17 and 25% or so percent, depending on your country). These are deducted.

Next, there's all the costs: website+apps, buying of 3dmodels, and all other kinds of things for my business. When I deduct these, I have what's called the net profit. From that, in my country, the government will first take 20% for social security, and then it will take about 45% of whatever is left.

So in total, if I sell you a 10$ story, I see no more than 3, maybe 4 dollars of that in my pocket.

Just so you have an idea :)



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June 30, 2016

How difficult was it getting started? I know you started posting art on Amazonlove.org while you developed your skill with rendering and then finally started this site.

Some artists took even longer to build up to the point where they had the grasp of rendering that enabled them to actually profit from it. You seem to have done so rather quickly. Your first images on Amazonlove.org were above average for a beginner, but not anything I would have paid for.

But you improved rather quickly shortly after starting this site and are already one of my 3 or 4 favorite artists. I imagine that it still took some time before you were making huge profits, but how long did it take to break even?

I’ve long thought of learning to render and even got a version of Daz Studio to learn with but have never been able to even get off the ground. I might start asking around Amazonlove for pointers. With luck, maybe next year I can start submitting my own offerings to your site.


June 23, 2016

Please make a story with this girl who is next this link.

Jay Wise
Jay Wise

June 16, 2016

Ok, so I’m really in to giantess comics. This one is the best. Great stories, growth and domination. Then all the women are sexy. And they keep getting sexier. I appreciate the time, effort and commitment you show to these comics. The stories are great too with great premises. I think Girls that grow is my favorite. The growth is almost too much for me.

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