About our fetish for muscular women

When I first found online that many other people besides me like muscular women, I thought: wow there are more people exactly like me. But I was generalizing a little bit too much, I think.
The women in my fantasies and my comics are: 1. muscular, 2. strong, 3. tall, 4. dominant and 5. sexy. I thought it kind of was like this for all fans of female muscle, but that didn't turn out to be true. If I discovered anything through running this little comic business for two years now, it's that this fetish is incredibly diverse, with many variations, categories, subtleties. Among the people who like muscular women, many apparently don't necessarily need them to be strong or dominant. The muscles in itself can be enough of a turnon. I also make my girls a lot bigger and taller than many other people I guess would like them. That's because the domination aspect is so important to me.

big female bodybuilder katie

There are also people who are into domination, of course, but not into muscular women, or even strength. For them it's mostly about mental domination. For me, the combination is interesting: strength and muscle offer so many more possibilities for domination, and I especially like the idea that the musclewoman doesn't need and tools are armor: she's strong enough to take care of the boys with just her bare arms.

There are people who are into tall girls, but don't need muscle or strength - although the domination aspect mostly seems to be present here.

There are people who are into strong girls, but don't necessarily need the muscle. They love girls lifting cars and doing superhuman strength feats, like bending bars and other stuff.

Then of course there is the whole muscle growth fetish, which seems to be a big turn on for many people within this field. People seem to particularly the conversion from an average or even weak girl into a tall, strong female.

And then there are countless small variations, themes, topics, relationships, eras, pieces of clothing... that turn particular people on a lot.

So you see, it's impossible to make the ideal story for everyone at the same time, cause everyone is so different, even within this field.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I make, and I hope it comes pretty close to your fantasies :)


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Sam Freeman
Sam Freeman

September 15, 2016

What about babying and breastfeeding? I can’t wait to see that!

james stilton
james stilton

September 08, 2016

thanks for your comment. I think that the inhibition for men to come out of the closet about their (sexual) excitement for muscular women and/or domination is bigger than the inhibition for women to get into the sport :)
i know only one person who would say out loud, to anyone, that he gets turned on by muscular women. maybe we should aspire to all get there, just like the gay movement…


September 08, 2016

It is indeed one of the most comprehensive, well thought of piece of write-up on the topic of muscular woman/girl fetish. And the issues discussed are based on first-hand experience derived from scores of messages and emails which Stilton receives everyday from a wide cross section of his admirers. So, it presents the facts true to reality.

I wish to submit a humble observation from my side. Long back, in the late eighties and early nineties, in the fledging days of women’s body building, one could come across very few, but highly motivated ladies in this area, like Cory Everson, Rachel Maclish or Tina Lockwood — just a few names to quote. But today, within a span of 25 years only, we can see that the domain of body building is flooded with hundreds of ladies and girls who take to the sports very seriously and are proud to show off their achievements and physical attributes to the world ! This means that the inhibition is broken and women these days are proud to be muscular, strong, powerful and confident.

Even in the cities of countries outside the western world, girls with education and modern outlook are frequenting the gyms very regularly and taking fitness and working out classes very seriously. The result is that they are becoming taller and physically more developed than their parents as years go by. This trend is very clearly visible if we look around us. They are frequently attracting admiring gaze of the menfolk too !

In social and family life, the ladies have started to exercise their influence in relationships, dictating terms, and taking decisive emphatic roles.

To sum up, there has been a worldwide awakening of the “amazon” amongst the ladies and girls over the last three decades. So, I believe, more and more males would be attracted towards the fetish of amazon women as years tick by.

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