An interview with Amrita Wrestler

Amrita is 32 and from Russia. She must be one of the most beautiful female wrestlers you’ve ever seen. But as I learned during my interview with her, she’s also very strong. Beauty, in this case, is a beast.

amrita wrestler

Dear Amrita, thanks for taking this interview. When did you start with wrestling and why?
That was about two years ago now, when i came back to Russia. I had been living in Mexico before, and I was looking for a way to express my energy. I wanted to find my power, and to feel alive. A friend told me about a wrestling club, where I have been working since then.

So you were about thirty years old then. Did you have any experience with anything related to wrestling before that time?
I did karate a long time ago. I was good at it, and I remember getting the yellow belt without doing an exam. My trainer asked me to enter the Russian competition. I obtained a sixth place there, when I was twelve. However, I needed money to keep doing it, and my parents didn’t have any, so I had to quit. I had a blue belt when I left. Now I also do Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What kind of wrestling do you like?
I prefer real fights, like competitive wrestling. I like real situations where you can express your real energy and real skills, and no one can say it’s a fake fight. Sometimes of course I make custom videos in which I have to show skills, and then it’s not real. But even then it’s a real sport at least, because you have to show off your technique. But basically I’d rather get into the wrestling competition so I can measure my skills against people who wrestle professionally.

amrita wrestler
You’re wrestling both women and men. What’s your experience with men? How often can you beat them?
I’ve done a lot of sessions, and I hardly ever lost. I’ve had three draws against men, and one loss. The loss was against a guy who was more than one hundred kilogram. And even in this case, I won a few rounds.
When I tell people that I hardly ever lose, they don’t believe me. They think it’s PR, something I say to advertise myself. But it is true! These are real statistics of the fights I’ve had.

Is this mainly because of your technique or of physical strength?
I think the most important thing is actually the mental attitude. If you’re a winner, you won’t lose. Second is technique, then physical strength.

How much time do you spend in the gym, building strength?
I actually never go to the gym. Again, people don’t believe me, because I have solid muscles, but that’s my genetics. My mother was the same. I don’t feel I need to visit a gym, I’m not a bodybuilder. Actually I wrestled competitively with a bodybuilder once, and she lost. She was afraid of me after that. By the way, wrestling between girls is more serious then mixed, because girls really don’t want to lose.

So if you don’t go to the gym, were you always strong?
It was only gradually that I realized how strong I was. People started to tell me when I started wrestling. I did sessions with people who looked stronger, like the bodybuilder, but like I said I was beaten only once.

amrita wrestler

How does it feel to dominate guys?
It’s funny, I used to let men win or tried to be at the same level with them. I didn’t like to do that however, cause I really want to win and feel good. My body just doesn’t accept losing. So I just started to follow my feelings and stopped worrying about the guys’ feelings. It was only later that I realized that some men want to submit, and want to lose. So that’s great for me of course.

So domination was something entirely new to you?
Yes, although I now realize it’s always been part of my nature. I remember that I had a social media profile when I was about twenty, and the nickname that I had chosen there was Amazonka! And now that I think of it… my first victory pose was in kindergarten! Throughout my childhood I fought with boys. My father used to be a boxer and sometimes he trained me (he stopped doing that when one day I hit his nose). I think I fought boys until I was nine or ten. I had an enemy in kindergarten, someone whom I hated because he stole other kids’ toys. We all knew it but no one did anything. One day I hit him in the stomach and he fell down. I put my foot on him. I must have been only five years old! But I was very angry at the injustice, and I remember wanting to protect the other kids. So I was ready to fight!

What do you do in your sessions?
I love to play with my clients and to discover new things for them and adapt. I do lift and carry sessions. I can dominate my clients and play with them at the same time. Next to competitive wrestling I also do semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling with them. And also roleplay. Like one guy wanted to be choked underwater. So we did a session in a steamroom, where I played his wife, who had noticed that he was texting other women. I asked where he was last night. I found out that he was lying to me and we fought. It was a lot of fun.

There’s not many videos with you around. Will we see more in the future?
Sure. I have plans for many new videos and hope to have my own studio at some point.

Thanks for this interview!

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