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On prices, payment methods and privacy

April 28, 2020 4 Comments

I recently did a poll among customers (of both paid and free comics) about the prices and payment methods for my female muscle comics, and wanted to share some of the results with you, in case you find it interesting. As you know I have both free female muscle comics and paid ones. This is mainly about the paid ones.

female bodybuilder muscular secretary

Regarding payment methods, a large majority among you is fine with Paypal, and that's good, because for now I can't provide another form of payment. So if you want to buy my comics, you’ll need to get a Paypal account. Paypal is safe and easy, and is the most accepted way of paying online. There are a few countries where Paypal is not available. If you live in one of those countries and would still like to get paid comics, email me and we can see if we can find an alternative way of payment. 

A minority of you hasn’t bought any of my female muscle comics because of privacy concerns. If these are privacy concerns regarding the payment gateway (Paypal), or my shop itself, I’d like to tell you that you really need not be concerned, as both Paypal and Shopify (the e-commerce platform I use) are compliant with the highest security standards. If your concern for privacy is with regard to discretion, rather than security, I understand you don’t want other people to know about your purchases. In any case, know that I do not need your real street address. I wouldn’t ask for it, but I can’t eliminate the fields in the software, so feel free entering a fake street address (just enter the real country and a working email address, the rest is irrelevant). Also know, that I'll never ever give anyone's email away to any other party. Trust me, I understand your concerns.

Regarding prices, I didn’t actually actively ask for it, but many have commented on prices in the free comment area. I’m happy to read that quite a lot of respondents said they find the prices for the female muscle comics fair. For others the prices are a bit too steep, but this often seems to be because they live in less wealthy countries. I know this is a problem with international online sales: someone in the US or Western-Europe will pay the same as someone in say Bolivia or Mali. I’m afraid there’s nothing much I can do to remedy, except to give discounts free amazon comics now and then (though I realize that these could of course also be used by the people in the richer countries). I could see if there’s a way to offer lower prices for customers in less affluent countries, but of course even in those countries there are people who can afford paying the prices, just like there are poorer people in rich countries. And then there’s VPN software that can help you fake where you are purchasing from, so all of this doesn’t seem a solution. It seems we’re stuck with fixed prices for now. Be sure you are subscribed to the Amazonias newsletter, which always contains a 20% discount coupon for orders over € 30. So if you can wait a bit and get three comics at once, you can always get them at that discount. Not bad, I think.

Creating any of these comics about female bodybuilders is quite a bit of work (though I wouldn't want to pretend I need to put in more work than the musclewomen for their muscle growth!) These comics are also my income, so I can’t just give them away. I appreciate you not begging for free comics, just like you wouldn’t go to a physical store and ask for free books or free food. 

Finally, some of you had questions about the pricing of the comics, noticing that they don't always seem to be consistent. Basically, I calculate about 1,1 to 1,2 euros per 10 pages, so a 100 page comic will be like 10 - 12 euros. However, it’s not always like this, and the price may be a bit lower when the comic was easier to make, or when (e.g. in a first chapter in a series) there is more build-up and less action. 

That's it for now. I thank you for your patronage and your confidence, and wish you many more happy reading hours with my sexy and strong female bodybuilding beauties! :)


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October 31, 2020

Do you sell your comics also somewhere else for example google play books where i can use other payment methods


August 26, 2020

Hi Man,
In “Taste of Amazonias 5” you wrote from “Game night” not “Movie Night” ;)


May 27, 2020

Hi I am a big fan and I have assugestion can you do most suckle parts.plase


May 11, 2020

You noted in your blog about possible ways to make you r comics more affordable. You mentioned that you could only offer set prices because people using a vpn software can fake can help where they’re purchasing from.

Perhaps the best way to make your comics more affordable is to change the currency from euro, to either Cdn, or U.S. while still offering special discounts for loyal customers. This way your comics still remain at a set price, while also making the comics more affordable to much wider group of people in various countries.

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