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Often I get asked which of my comics I would recommend for new readers. Let me try to provide a useful answer to this question.

two female bodybuilders

First of all, what all of my comics have in common, is tall, strong, sexy, and very muscular women. There might be some variation in their height or degree or muscularity, but that's pretty much it.

Now let me tell you in which the comics may differ from one another:

- characters: some of the girls are mean, some are sweet, some are unpredictable

- length: some comics are singles, others are series (from a few to many installments)

- complexity: some comics are just wham bam action, others have a lot more plot and character development, and are more subtle. Usually the multi-installment series are more complex.

- graphical quality: I've been producing these comics for over five years now, and I get more and more skilled at it. That means that the newer comics usually look better visually.

- price: and of course there's free comics and paid ones.

To help you choose, I've listed several things you might be looking for, and the comics that meet that criterium.

If you're looking for a good plot: Amber & Julian (the complete story), Katie, House of Calves, Muscle Therapy, Hot Summer

If you're looking for mean girls: you'll love Marjorie in all the comics in the Amber & Julian series, Angela in the Katie series, and the girls in The Boarding School.

If you're looking for sudden growth comics, check out Growing Muscles, Girls that Grow, Gym Girl Growth, and The Teacher.

If you're looking for comics in which girls naturally grow, check out Katie

If you're looking for the tallest girls I have, check out Gillian in Hot Summer, Mary in The Bully, Eleonore in Muscle Therapy, Sophie in Sophie's Property

If you're looking for gentle giantesses, you'll like Amber in Amber & Julian and Emily in Farm Girl Muscle, and Jane.

If you're looking for great single comics, check out Hot Winter

If you're looking for a fight, consider The Boxer, MMA Girl, The Destroyer, The Main Event. Or get the bundle of them.

If you're looking for romance, there's plenty of that in Katie and Tom & Cindy.

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June 08, 2018

Your artwork is very nice. Can you also draw regular height girls or short girls, girls that are not taller than the guys? Of course very muscular, growing big muscles and boobs but NOT growing tall. Thanks!


June 08, 2018

How about more scissors stories

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