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The most popular series on Amazonias continues!

Four years ago, Donald, a genius student, invented a growth formula that only had an effect on women. Fellow student Gretchen and a few other girls later distributed the pills among female students.

Now, four years later, you can read about how that experiment went. Donald is currenly living together with beautiful Gretchen. She is keeping (very) fit, but there are no more growth pills. Except for...


On a september night, Gretchen's cravings get the better of her, and she sets things in motion again.

And so, female muscles will bulge once more. Girls will grow again. 

You could consider this comic as the start of Volume 2 of Growing Muscles. It continues a couple of years after Girls that Grow 8 left off, and has all the same wonderful muscle growth action but... with my since then much improved rendering skills. Enjoy the best in female muscle growth, big boob action, lifts, domination, scissoring, great storytelling, and much more!

117 pages.

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