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It's finally here! You had to wait a long time for the sequel to the bestselling Girls that Grow series, but it's back with a vengeance, and with graphics better than ever!

We're two weeks after the pool orgy, and unfortunately for the girls, the musclegrowth has again not been permanent. Two of the girls that grew, however, are very motivated to find a solution. Now they approach little genius Donald with a plan, that includes some help. Donald sets out to work, with the help of beautiful sexy Gretchen, and guarded by muscular Britt. Will he succeed in helping the girls grow permanently? Does he want to? Is there any chance that this hot and smart Gretchen actually likes him? And will she still like him after she has grown? 

Muscle growth scenes, dominant and gentle females, big boobs, tallness, great graphics, height comparisons... you'll lick your fingers!

101 pages.

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