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This bundle contains all eight comics of the Girls that Grow series, which is the most popular series on this site. It is a female muscle growth lovers dream, with 777 pages of girls who are growing, will grow, or have grown!

The series starts with Donald, a genius first year chemistry student, who, being a short guy, tries to develop a growth serum for himself. As you can guess, things don't turn out as planned: the serum doesn't work on him, but boy does it work on the beautiful college girls he seems to be surrounded by! Throughout the series, we see one after another girl grow to humongous proportions. And as they grow, the musclegirls seem to get more demanding and more horny. 

This huge collection of eight female muscle growth comics contains everything you could wish for, with some really unforgettable scenes with a lot of female bodybuilders. It took quite some time to create the whole series, and you'll see that the image quality gets better and better as my own skills improved. But from the very beginning, you won't be able to resist the magic of the first girl growing.

777 pages!

See the separate comics for more preview pictures:

 Girls that Grow 9 and beyond is NOT included in this bundle. 

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