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A female muscle comic by Amazonias!

Mona and Angela carry on with their devilish plans, and arrive at Stephen's home one dark night. Stephen by now knows that it's useless to resist his gigantic female bodybuilder colleague, and is more and more subservient. However, what the giantess has in store for him tonight will surpass both his expectations and his fears.

Stephen will be confronted both with the massive Mona as well as with Angela, who turns out to be... more of everything than expected. In this unholy threesome, big Mona will even dominate and humiliate by proxy!

This episode of contains incredible comparisons, the huge mona in a domineering black outfit, the mischievous and horny little Angela, lifts, comparisons, girl-on-girl action, threesome action, domination, lapsitting, and a big number of NSFW pages involving a strap-on, handjobs and face-sitting... and so much more! Make sure you have what it takes!

119 pages

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