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Mark attends a reunion party thrown by his friend Barney, where he is reunited with his old schoolmates after ten years. They find out that Mark hasn't grown a single inch since he was twelve years old. Even the girls tower over him and gently make fun of how small he is!

The only reason why Mark decided to attend is a beautiful red haired girl named Amy. She is Barney's younger sister, and had a crush on Mark when she was eight years old.

Mark has only seen a picture of Amy on Barney's social media so he knows how pretty she is.

What will little Mark's reaction be when he finds out that Amy is an absolute giantess compared to anyone, especially to a shrimp like him? And will Amy make fun of him, like all the others?

This first comic by new Amazonias creator El Relator features an incredible mini-giantess and contains lots of size comparisons, body kissing, domination, intimidation, romance, lifting, flexing...!

130 pages

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