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Having woken up in another dimension where all women seem powerful, big and in charge, Zane continues to look for more information and make himself familiar with this strange and scary world. 

His second day starts with assisting Mistress Ella - his sister in his dimension - with her workout. The girl immediately gives him a demonstration of her strength, and then sends him off for groceries. 

We follow Zane as he meets other characters in this world, and learns more about the rules. The biggest surprises comes, however, when he returns back to Ella's room. And what is that weird word - steno something - that he's heard three times already today? It seems to refer to some kind of... transformation.

Bear with me as I create this world and make it so convincing that you'll never want to leave.

This chapter features no less than six different amazons, feats of strength, lifting, domination and intimidation, flexing, and much more.


106 pages

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