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Zane is good-looking, bright, athletic and popular. The future looks bright and the world is at his feet.

Little does Zane know, all of that is about to change today.

After a pretty horrible night in which different members of the family take it out on each other and Zane is especially mean to his sister Ella, Zane looks forward to seeing his beautiful girlfriend. However, on the way over there, he's hit by a car.

When he wakes up, Zane is still in the same house, but is in a bed in the basement. His sister and especially his mother... they've changed. And they are apparently not his sister and his mother anymore. Zane is now in... the Amazon Dimension.

Bear with me as I build up this great new series about a world where women rule. A world that is familiar and is not. A world that is as scary as it is exciting.

This first chapter contains the transformation - from one dimension to another - of a fat girl into a fit and dominant one. It features Charlotte, the humongously muscular mom, taking her slave from behind. It's got a little bit of growth, strapon action, and lifting heavy weights. And it features mystery and suspense like you've never felt in an Amazonias comic.

Now join me into the Amazon Dimension!

117 pages

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