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When this story starts, the athletic, beautiful Freya - or Fay as she likes to be called - is saying goodbye to her boyfriend. They won't see each other for quite some time, as Fay is going to study abroad.

Michael and Elisabeth have their own reasons to offer the young girl a home in their family: it's their unruly son Jonathan, who they hope will change through having another young person in the house.

That doesn't seem to go as planned - at least initially. Jonathan is very hostile towards Fay, who is making every effort to belong. In the meantime, she's also growing a lot bigger quickly - thanks also to the small personal gym in her new house.

Adding extra complexity is the fact that Elisabeth seems to admire Fay's muscles and loves to see how much bigger and stronger the young girl is than her husband. And Elisabeth is not afraid to put them against each other...

This crazy hot comic by Lecter38 features a muscular heroine that is beautiful and sexy. There's hot comparisons, lifts, armwrestling, female muscle growth, wrestling, domination, humiliation, and lots more!

123 pages

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