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Freya, by now a huge female bodybuilder, still has a beef with her housemate Jonathan. After a short dream sequence with which this chapter starts, she teaches the cocky good-for-nothing a lesson. Even though she's not a skilled wrestler, she takes him into some exciting and perfectly executed holds, including scissors and headlocks, and a good ass-slapping.

While womanhandling Jonathan, Freya finally gets a call form cute little Pete, who she met in the clothing store. The boy finally found the guts to ask her out. Their first date is a success. After a workout scene, a second date follows: Pete takes her to the beach where he applies sunscreen on her gigantic muscles.

In the meantime, Jonathan is approaching an old friend, who might or might not be able to help him with his Freya-problem.

This episode contains beautiful comparisons, awesome wrestling moves, flexing and muscle worshipping, lapsitting, Freya working out with big weights, lifting, romance, domination and humiliation, spanking, and so much more yummy stuff!

 114 pages

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