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Cindy is a tall, muscular volleyball player, who has some trouble with her grades. She searches the help of Tom, the most intelligent student in her statistics class. Tom tutors Cindy, and they get both more and more interested in each other. We see Cindy slowly approaching Tom, hardly able to contain her amazement at how small he is. She starts with a hug, then proceeds to lift him after another session. At one point, Tom is *really* helpful to Cindy, and the tall girl thinks of an apt reward. This is a story especially for those who like gentler girls. Cindy is mainly sweet to Tom, altough she does enjoy showing her dominance once in a while.

This story was originally written by Partian, and illustrated by me. It was quite some work, featuring many different scenes and backgrounds. It will keep you occupied longer than my other stories as there is more text provided, though there are also many images!

PDF, 83 pages

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