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Slowly but surely, Dean has been losing control over the ever changing, but ever beautiful and hot Tanya. She's huge one moment, extra-huge the next, swapping garments at will. But at a certain moment, she takes over, and starts to play with Dean the way she likes.

Dean worships her incredible body, fascinated with the musclebeauty at every turn. She lifts him every which way and satisfies both of them again and again.

And then they're joined by someone else....

Steaming hot female muscle action all the way and terrific artwork by Ronkenobi.

This incredible female muscle domination comic features a lot of muscle worship, flexing and comparisons, as well as some serious NSFW content, with Tanya satisfying Dean as she lifts and control him in many ways. There's also blow jobs, hand jobs, scissoring, lapsitting, throwing, 2 on 1 action, and lots more!

113 pages + 12 bonus pics

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