Marjorie: after Julian - part 1


I return to the Amber & Julian universe with this story of what happened right after Julian ran away during his "vacation" with mighty and muscular Marjorie, his rather cruel stepsister. (see Amber & Julian: the complete story so far)

When Marjorie can't find Julian, she interrupts her vacation and drives furiously to the home of Aisha (Marjorie's mom) and Mr. McMillan. Julian isn't there, but Marjorie is allowed some playtime with her stepdad, showing him once more who is the boss. After that, Aisha tells Marjorie it's been quite enough, and that she has to find her own victim. Which she does... in the shape of a... small police officer!

Included are also some bonus images from the Amber & Julian story.

 94 pages


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