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What if Cinderella was not just a sweet, beautiful little girl, but a sweet, beautiful female bodybuilder? That is the premise of this modern take on the classic fairytale!

It's not because she's huge that Cinderella - or Musclerella, as one of the kinder names her evil sisters give her - is big that she's not mistreated by her family. The pretty blonde giantess isn't even allowed to leave the house!

When the festival comes to town, Cinderella wants to join. Her friends Gus and Jaq can't help her, but then help comes from a totally unexpected corner: a fairy godmother whose spellcasting is kind of rusty. The first thing she does is accidentally turn Cinderella into a lustful man-eater!

Read what happens next in this beautiful story of a gentle giantess who wants only to belong.

This comic features, apart from the beautiful gentle giantess Cinderella, many awesome comparisons, lifting, gentle domination, wrestling, face sitting, big boobs, and so much more!

94 pages

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