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Have you ever spotted an amazon somewhere and tried to get closer to her? Little Danny does, one night, through the window of his pub. He goes inside and knows that he'll forever regret it if he doesn't at least try to hit on the amazing girl at the bar...

Dakota is just breathtaking. This female bodybuilder is young, massive, sexy and superstrong. Just as this huge woman, who calls herself a Megazon, is about to lose her self-control with the little guy, two big dudes turn up and get aggressive toward the bartender. Dakota is only too happy to intervene.

Rather than punishing the thugs on the spot, she suggests they come home with her, where they'll face the mysterious Ruth. Why does this Ruth calls herself a megazon too, when she's actually petite?

This comic by Kycolv08 features breathtaking comparisons, rapid female muscle growth lifts, domination and humiliation, flexing, lapsitting, fighting, armwrestling and more! Many Often readers ask for bigger guys to challenge the musclegirls. Here you have it!

110 pages

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