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Caitlyn, the most amazingly sexy and massive female bodybuilder you've ever seen, continues to play her fiendish games with her brother Benny and his friend Eddie, who are both her roommates now. 

Almost every page in this comic is NSFW, and the preview pics I'm showing are the most neutral ones!

In this issue, Caitlyn is crazy about comparing her height, the size of her muscles, and her strength with the boys'. She also makes Benny and Eddie do things to each other. She laughs at them as they can't reach her boobs and later plays another game with them:  she won't punish the boy who can kiss her bicep first.

There's also lots of lifting, flexing, humiliating and dominating, squeezing and pulling... There's Caitlyn's incredible looks and boobs, her attitude... This is a a coming you'll keep coming (back) to!

Again size erotica writer Joyce Julep wrote the text for this episode! 

110 pages

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