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Amy and her girlfriend Jessica are two musclebound college students. In this story, they spot a number of guys on the beach, and decide to play with them. This story is part of the Amy's Conquest series (www.amysconquest.com). I was asked, as a personal commission, to illustrate this story, and was allowed to also sell this story on my site. 
The format is different from the other products you find here. This is a 29 page pdf, with ten pages of illustrations, while the rest is story-text. Both text and stories are quite explicit and definitely adult material.

If you like Amy and want to see more of her, you can go to www.amysconquest.com

 The story starts like this... 

Oceanside Beach was a prime destination for high schoolers and young college students looking for sand and surf (and sometimes love) in the summer - and it was the perfect road trip for 18-year old super muscular high school seniors Amy and Jessica. The sun beat down on the hot parking lot, baking the asphalt and the cars slowly pulling in.  As Jessica's candy apple red convertible drove into a open parking space, one would be remiss not to miss the mountains of teenage muscle (in the tiniest bikinis imaginable) settled into both the driver and passenger seats - or the giggling of these two teenagers. Indeed, the two gorgeous, 6-foot tall Amazons nearly caused multiple accidents on the trip.

“Did you see that one truck driver?  He almost veered off the road when he saw my chest!" Amy giggled in her high-pitched voice as she got out of the car. 
“Well, can you blame him?" said Jessica.  "Look at your top!"  Jessica's eyes looked down from her best friend's gorgeous face and blond pigtails to her baby blue, way too small string bikini.  The top was stretched so tight across Amy's massive chest that the string threatened to break at any moment.

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