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This story starts when tall, athletic Janet and her smaller husband install a gym in their home. Immediately Janet takes a real liking to developing her muscles, while her partner quickly loses interest. The result, of course, is that she quickly outgrows him. But not only that, with the added muscle mass also comes a more dominant attitude, and the hapless husband finds himself being more and more controlled by his wife, who seems to also do a lot better in work and life in general.

This is a female muscle growth story that feels very real because it is actually based on real life events. K. Styler does an excellent job at capturing the dynamics of a relationship where the woman is in charge and the man is put more and more into an inferior and submissive role as his wife grows bigger and stronger.

This chapter features several NSFW scenes, armwrestling, lifting, comparisons, mental and physical domination and humiliation, female muscle growth, workouts, and a lot more!

91 pages

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