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When Jason returns to his childhood home after being away for twenty years, he sees his neighbors who he has not met since they were children. 

Melanie is a huge and muscular titan of a woman, with bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She hasn’t changed much in all that time, but when Jason last saw her, he did so through the eyes of a very small child. Looking at her as an adult he realizes just how extraordinary she truly is.

But the greatest shock for Jason is Catherine. While she had always been big and strong as a kid, she is now a true amazon goddess. She is still quite a bit taller than her enormous mom, with gigantic muscles and very prominent female attributes, with wild curly red hair and bright blue eyes.

Jason will find out that Catherine is much more than the sweet girl he knew as a child, she is now also a very sexual woman with very peculiar dominant kinks he soon discovers will turn him upside down, both figuratively and literally.

This female muscle comic features beautiful comparisons, lifts, scissors, face sitting, a hot NSFW scene, and of course the gorgeous Catherine and Melanie and their amazing boobs, thick abs, massive thighs, swollen biceps, and bulging calves!

105 pages

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