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"I'm driving along a quiet road somewhere in the US Southwest... A police officer has just pulled me over. For a moment I think about ignoring him, but with a little luck, this could turn out to be fun. 

And so I stop, like the good girl that I am. Lol."

Thus begins this new adventure, written in the voice of the eighteen year old huge female bodybuilder Andrea. Her antagonist is rookie officer Hank McNealy, who's in his first week on the job. Before long, Hank will wish he'd never have stopped that car, because Andrea is bigger than the biggest thugs he'll ever meet. And this big girl... well, she knows exactly what she wants.

I won't spoil too much of this story (I'd advise not to look at the thumbnails too closely, in order not to spoil things), but a small trigger warning is in order: it's a bit more violent (though still not gorey or bloody at all) than my usual comics. But of course it's superhot as always.

It's also extra long, and on these 130 pages you'll find feats of strength, lifts, domination, humilation, forced intercourse, big boobs, flexing, scissoring, and much more...

130 pages

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