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Three years ago, Adrian, a rich investment banker, lost his wife to cancer. Today, he is ready to find love again. After meeting her online, Adrian has a romantic dinner with the big and beautiful Jennifer. Adrian is intimidated by Jennifer's height and size (she is seven feet tall!), but the short man and the huge female bodybuilder start a relationship.

One of the additional complications is Adrian's son, Zach, who is struck by lightning the moment he sees his father's new girlfriend. She is the musclewoman of his fantasies!

Jennifer and Adrian discover each other and Jennifer shows her lover the incredible things she can do with him, thanks to her enormous muscles. But at the same time, she finds out about Zach's fascination with her... and tries to deal with him. 

This series is - understandably - among the most popular on this site. This bundle allows you to read the whole thing - all six hundred plus pages - for a discounted price. 

The series features great xxx scenes, beautiful female bodybuilders, domination, romance, lift and carry, huge and sexy muscles, and as always, realistic dialogue and character development...

This bundle contains the complete Stepmom series. 

Stepmom 1

Stepmom 2

Stepmom 3

Stepmom 4

Stepmom 5

Stepmom 6

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637 pages!

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