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In this final part of the amazing Stepmom series, we continue right where we left off: Adrian and his bodybuilding fiancee Jennifer, and his son Zach and his massively muscular girlfriend Liz are still in on their brief weekend holiday in Virginia Beach, and the girls are having a lot of fun toying around with the boys in the hottub and in their rooms.

In this chapter, we'll see Liz take care of her future father-in-law, while huge Jennifer handles Zach again - but not just Zach! She'll take on two guys at the same time!

This is an action packed, extra-long chapter and the cover pic is actually one of the few non-nude or non-topless images of this comic!

You'll see amazing lifts, incredibly muscular bodies, huge boobs, domination, worship, a two-on-one scene. You'll see Jennifer making Zach do something he really doesn't like to do and you'll see how Liz takes total control of Adrian. 

120 pages

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