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"How can she look like this? She was always tall, of course, but when I met her she was... well she was athletic, but still slim. Now she seems... wide. Built. "

A female muscle comic from Amazonias

During her first days and weeks on the job as co-CEO, six feet seven tall Caroline gets to know the staff and shows them - subtly or less subtly - who is in charge. She also starts to make good use of the gym in her own office, working out as she works. 

When Caroline visits her friend Shania, the female bodybuilder is amazed at Caroline's progress in such a short time. She tells her little friend Alain to worship her.

Two months into the job, Caroline is ready for the first confrontation with Brent, her co-CEO. She feels extremely confident, because in the meantime, she's grown a lot.

While she tells Brent off, her small assistant is watching...

This superhot female muscle comic features lifting, domination and humiliation, an incredible NSFW scene featuring lifting and a blow job, muscle worship, work-out, female muscle growth, flexing, and much more!

122 pages

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