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Janet takes David on a wild ride - literally - and scares the crap out of him. It's the amazon's way to show that she has total control, and David is at the mercy of his muscular wife.

The next day, Dave is sent out on an errand, where he meets the beautiful Ludmila, one of Janet's colleagues.

Then it's time for the mysterious event by Janet's company, called "the ball". It's a night full of amazons and domination, where the women flex their muscles and play with the men, and where voracious and tall beauties are looking for fresh meat. We'll meet new characters like the company's CEO, or Svetlana, yet another amazonian colleague of Janet.

This female muscle comic does a wonderful job creating the atmosphere of a super kinky night where women are in charge, and where men are nothing but props. The domination is often subtle but very arousing. There are beautiful comparisons, NSFW scenes, incredibly sculpted amazons, and of course the intoxicating Janet...

106 pages

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