Amber & Julian

The Amber & Julian collection started off with the story you can find in Amber and Julian: the complete story so far. This big product (1500 pages) is kind of my flagship story and tells the tale of how Amber met Julian, with many flashbacks where Julian tells Amber about how his stepsister Marjorie dominated him.

Free products that are part of Amber and Julian: the complete story so far are The Beginning, Roleplay and Hotel Heat. Try these if you want to get some free samples of the story.

Spin offs who mainly feature the cruel Marjorie, sometimes with Julian, sometimes not, are: - After Julian, which relates what happened to Marjorie right at a certain point in the story
- The Sub, Selfies with Julian and the longer Another lesson for Mr McMillan can be read as stand alone stories: these situations happen during the time Julian is with Marjorie (flashback time), and can be read in any order. They are pretty much stand alone.