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I return to the Amber & Julian universe with this story of what happened right after Julian ran away during his "vacation" with mighty and muscular Marjorie, his rather cruel stepsister. (see Amber & Julian: the complete story so far)

While she cuffs the little man to the table, the big female bodybuilder fetches a sexy clothes set from the car, and starts flexing in front of her little victim. After uncuffing him, the giantess intimidates the cop, showing more of her big muscles, and pressing him against her chest. One attempt of the cop to subdue Marjorie turns into another show of strength by the musclegirl. Marjorie then gets to work on the cop, undressing both of them, lifting and humilating him and finally having her way in a fantastically original pose. Muscle and domination action from beginning to end!

92 pages


This story previously appeared on LHart.com

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