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"We had a late arrival last week for class C. A student who was expelled from another school and who... could potentially be a bit of trouble...

"Oh... What eh... What's his name?"

"It's not a he, it's a she. Shirley Greyson. She's ah... Well, you'll see. She's quite something...

Thus begins Kenny Dickinson's first ever day as a teacher. Shirley Greyson is indeed trouble from the get go. Unfortunately, she's also a 7feet, 290 lbs femalebodybuilder. When the teacher sanctions her for misbehaving, Shirley doesn't take to it kindly and quickly reverses roles: she will address her teacher as Lil Kenny, and he will address her as Miss Greyson!

And then big, muscular Shirley makes clear to Kenny what she's looking for: a teacher to be her bitch, to write her essays, give her good grades, and be availble to fuck her whenever she feels like it. Kenny is in for a wild ride!

This superhot comic contains your usual big boobed, tall, sexy, muscular amazon, comparing herself to short Kenny. There's worshipping, lifts, scissors, facesitting, blow jobs, boob jobs, comparisons... and an awesome feat of strength involving Kenny and a heavy desk.

104 pages

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