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Chapter 17: looking back

We start off this chapter with a confrontation - finally - between Hannah & Hailey and their mom. While they're at the house, the girls reminisce about the adventures they had there, and Hailey also visits her room where she has to fight off Michael's advances...

Fast forward to Hailey's birthday party, where the sisters, Leon, Beth and Frankie are together. Hannah has put together a nice surprise for her sister. Then Hailey commands everyone to the grass for a confrontation between little Frankie and the now much bigger Beth. It doesn't take long before Hailey herself gets into the mix...

In this episode we go a bit down memory lane, looking back on when the girls were small (even smaller than Leo) and tracking their progress. This female muscle comics contains beautiful comparisons, domination, wrestling, flexing, muscle worship, contains incredible lift and carry scenes (including one-legged lifts and throatlifts), amazing comparisons with big musclegirls, wrestling holds, a spectacular scene in the pool, flexing, domination, humiliation, muscle worship, lapsitting and much more!

Muscles in the Family is a long female muscle growth series that tells the story of two girls who want to get bigger for one boy. Hannah and Hailey, starting out at thirteen and twelve years old respectively, have a crush on Leon. Leon is from a different mom and dad, but they have been living together ever since Hannah and Hailey's mom got together with Leon's dad. For all practical purposes, they're siblings.

117 pages

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