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Mark is horsing around with Belynda, carrying over her shoulder. Belynda hates it! She hates being the weaker one and being so small. When Mark finally puts her down, she says she wishes that for just one day, she'd be bigger and stronger than her boyfriend.

And lo and behold, her words have barely left her mouth or something happens. Right in front of his eyes, Mark sees his girlfriend getting taller and more muscular, her arms and legs getting firmer, her boobs growing!

When she's finally done growing, Belynda has Mark touching her big muscles, then easily lifts him with her strong arms - and then does the same with one arm, until it's time for Mark to have a meeting on his laptop. Belynda, however, doesn't easily leave him alone. Her muscles need worshipping! Belynda will, among other things, take some of her pent up energy out on Mark's heavy desk...

This is a female muscle growth comic featuring the beautiful heroine Belynda and, of course, great growth scenes, superhot comparisons, big boobs, feats of strength.

In part 2, Belynda will grow even bigger.

98 pages

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