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The huge and incredibly sexy female bodybuilder Caitlyn continues playing with her brother Benny and his friend Eddie. After taunting Benny and seeing how far she can go with him, she throws him on top of his friend and then sits down on them both in a scene that has be seen to be believed. And then it's just one big NSFW scene.. .;-)

Most of the pics in this comic are nude, hence the close up previews...

This comic features breathtaking comparisons, amazing poses, Caitlyn's big boobs, muscles and beauty, a throw, orgasm denial, lapsitting, humiliation, domination and taunting, and lots more.  A warning: Caitlyn gets a little more intimate with her brother again (though she never goes all the way). If that's triggering to you, stay away from this comic.

67 pages

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