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The incredibly huge and tall female bodybuilder Caitlyn drops her brother to the floor and throws his friend Eddie over her shoulder, taking his clothes off. Then she drops him on the bed. When her brother makes a feeble attempt to protect his friend, Caitlyn makes sure that he won't bother her. What follows is, in my humble opinion, one of the hottest NSFW scenes in Amazonian history.

After her session, Caitlyn commands the two boys to sit at her feet and now starts playing with Benny, who drops all defenses and is entirely at her mercy. She taunts and tortures him, toying with him until he's exhausted. Such is Caitlyn's power.

The bodybuilding goddess has warned the reader before that she would go quite far, and while she never goes all the way with Benny, she may stretch the limits beyond what some readers may be comfortable with, so beware. 

Most of the pics in this comic are nude, hence the close up previews...

This comic features breathtaking comparisons, creative lifts, humiliation, domination and taunting, flexing, big boobs, and Caitlyn's awe inspiring sexiness and beauty. 

97 pages

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